Saturday, 23 April 2011

iPhone Hack: Zombie Farm

I would like to say first off; that if you have read any other tutorial on the internet to get free brains, or money and you get the "File Corrupt" message; it isn't corrupt at all. It's just that the makers of Zombie Farm don't want you to be getting around their systems by hacking it.

However, looking around the internet, I have found a way to hack it anyway.


  • A jailbroken iPhone/iPod
  • iFile (registered preferably)
  • WinSCP for your PC
  • AppSync (for the appropriate firmware)
  • SBsettings (optional)
  • SHSH toggles.
  • Installous
  1. Go into Cydia, hit Manage, then hit Sources, then edit, then add.
  2. Add the repo: and let that install, ignore any errors.
  3. Search for iFile, and download iFile cracked from the SinfuliPhone Repo.
  4. Open it up and wait for a few minutes, it may say "Registration failed" or something similar, just respring your iDevice and keep doing so and opening it until it says "Registration Successful".
  5. Download the ZombieFarm.ipa from the link at the end of these steps.
  6. Make sure you have AppSync and the SHSH toggles already installed.
  7. When you have downloaded the IPA from the link below, extract it to somewhere you'll remember (e.g, the Desktop)
  8. Download WinSCP from here and download the most downloaded file & install.
  9. Next, you'll need to find your host IP address and password/username. To do this, make sure you have SBsettings already installed and activate it via the way you chose (make sure you're connected to the internet when doing this). You'll see at the bottom it says "IP Address:" and a bunch of numbers after it, remember these! 
  10. Type in the bunch of numbers to the "Host IP" on WinSCP; and the username is root and password is alpine by default. Navigate to /private/var/mobile/Documents/Installous/Downloads and simply drag & drop the IPA into there.
  11. You can now close down the window when the upload is complete and respring your iDevice.
  12. When resprung; go into Installous and go into Downloads, you will notice a new file is there, it may or may not have a logo; but tap it and press install. When installed, it will be on the homescreen, you can now organize it into folders, or move it around. It is recommended that you start up the app & make sure that it saves or something, then exit it & go into iFile.
  13. When in iFile, you're going to want to tap the settings icon in the bottom left of the app. Now, you will see a new page, just make sure that where it says "Application Names" is turned ON.
  14. Press done, and now navigate to /var/mobile/Applications/ZombieFarm/ and search for "Market.plist". Now, this is where it gets good and the true hacking begins. Inside the Market.plist file, you will see a LOT of words and coding, etc, do NOT mess with the ones I tell you not to unless you are experienced enough to do so yourself! Okay, now, search for "Zombie Patch", then scroll down until you see "<key>cost</key>"
  15. Underneath that, there should be "<integer>###</integer>" without the hashes. Where the hashes are though (where the number would be for you), input any NEGATIVE number, but be reasonable, it's the amount of Brains you're going to get! Do NOT mess with the exp though, as I learnt that whenever you plant a Zombie Camera, it changes your exp to -80000 and it's extremely hard to get it back.
  16. Hit Save, then Done, then boot up ZombieFarm. Make sure it loads alright & then go into Market and then into Items. You should now see that the "Zombie Camera" costs -### (amount of numbers you entered in iFile). Tap it, and place it anywhere, and it will say "+-#####", now, look at the amount of brains you've got!
  17. Enjoy!

If you wish to update; you can, although I haven't tried it out yet, your hack apparently should stick, but if it doesn't, just delete the update and follow these steps again.

-will post virus scan later-

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