Friday, 22 April 2011

The news with the UnofficialGamerz byethost

As some of you readers may know; I hacked a website earlier this week and defaced it. However, it has come to my attention that the website was sold to a person called nakoolak from I would like to formally apologize to you, as I know I made a mistake. However, if you are reading this; you need to understand that nobody pisses me off; or else your puny website will be down in a matter of seconds again. I also heard that the former owner of this website (Josh Davies) has said that he is in a "dispute" with the user nakoolak. I understand that this is my fault, and I apologize to you both; however, I will be putting the website back up at 4:00PM GMT. Again, I am sorry for what I have done; but take a note of this, if nakoolak got the website for free or something; I wouldn't take the deface down. It's just because an ex-member from The Hacking Crew is in a dispute and could get banned; whilst I would be to blame. 

Again; I formally apologize to you both & hope the very best for you.

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  1. thanks man you're very kind and i won't try make you mad again and you're welcome to my site anytime